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Migrating to Zoho Through Centrax

The journey with Zoho has been a learning experience delving into the plethora of cloud solutions by Zoho enabling so many possibilities for our own company goals to find ways to root themselves. We started off small with People, CRM and Social; learnt that not everything is perfect the first time but now are able to make more informed choices for our next steps towards training and innovation. People has given HR longer arms to attain more effective functionality with the company resources, CRM opens up a lot of opportunities to work smarter and make valuable time more available and Social has automated manual process with reporting.

Discussion with our MD, HODs and with the help of the fabulous Team from Centrax we now have plans for further engagement for Procurement via CRM and Expense; hoping to transition into cloud with Workdrive, sharpen the customer support functionality with Desk software solutions, bring alive our mobility pet projects using Mobile Device Management; and yet so many of the other great applications have been kept aside from focus for now.

A big thanks to the Centrax team for making the information flow and connecting with us in this busy virtual environment we find ourselves in; they have given us comfort in knowing that they themselves use these solutions not only to sell them but because the Zoho One solution works very well. We hope to build this relationship with Zoho via Centrax to grow a long lasting partnership and hopefully with our passion for the solution set to one day become a reseller ourselves.

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