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Marvel Service Desk to Zoho Desk

Customer Success with Zoho Desk Migration

With technology, the days of locking customers in for life with contracts and technological barriers—like traditional enterprise sales—are over. Instead, customers hold the power. Tech businesses that can manage SaaS (Software as a Service) conversations better are able to grow organisations faster and require less capital. Centrax Systems provides the insight, organization, and team necessary to have the most productive, meaningful, and successful SaaS implementation and migration services.

A customer success solution:

Data integration and data migration need to be well-established, seamless processes — whether data is migrating from inputs to a data lake, from one repository to another, from a data warehouse to a data mart, or through the cloud. Without a competent data migration plan, businesses can run over budget, end up with overwhelming data processes, or find that their data operations are functioning below expectations. Challenges around old outdated legacy systems, the more uncontrollable, unpredictable and unreliable systems are, the more the quality of customer services declines and business success rate suffers Centrax Systems successfully implemented and migrated Zoho Desk to a client for this very reason and process.

A three phased approach was taken. Migration, Automation, and Training.


We analysed the current system where a detailed data dictionary, business rules, high level source-to-target mapping specifications, conceptual and logical data models were developed. Our Technical Team carefully studied a detailed source-to-target data mapping and conversion design. Specifications were developed, environments including staging area were modelled, data quality strategy was examined and planned. Results produced by these conversion processes and programs were then tested at several levels to identify problems as well as to ensure accuracy and completeness of the conversion process. That involved evaluating different implementation approaches, defining, and planning the conversion cutover process, and establishing the data process that was used to facilitate implementation. Due to Zoho Desk's array of supported file formats allowed for a seamless migration. This highlighted the client's data security in terms of user roles, profiles, and field levels. During and post the migration process, record ownership was controlled through the entire process through permission access controls.


A requirement to configure web settings, multi-channel support, and ticket status reports.

The typical workflow rule consisted of the following four elements:

  • ● Basic Information - We specified details on the module type for which the rule applies, rule name, description, and option to activate the rule.
  • ● Execute On - Specified when the rule should be triggered for a record and based on what. The rule triggers like Customer Reply, Agent Response, Private Thread, Happiness Ratings and Delete are available only for the Tickets module.
  • ● Rule Criteria - Listed out the criteria to filter out records that meet the criteria. Workflow rule is triggered to these records.
  • ● Actions - Add alerts, tasks, field updates, and custom functions that run immediately when the rule is executed.
Through Zoho, Centrax was able to automate 70% of the processes that the client manually completed on the previous system.


Centrax System's teaching methodology included a composition of classroom-based slide presentations, practical learning tasks accessible from a laptop, desktop, and cell as well as material dissemination. This ensured that the client and it's employees had a holistic understanding of the Zoho Desk as well as practical experience and material dissemination for future reference.

Better customer experience begins with aligning all our teams and making sure they keep customers at the center of whatever they do. Centrax teams glean a wealth of valuable feedback from customers, when they combine that information with the customer health data, they grow and retain customers at an exponential rate. Customer Success provides a mechanism for not only creating this growth, but capitalizing on them.