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Migrating a Pharmaceutical Organisation to Zoho CRM

Healthcare Optimisation: Streamlining through CRM

Moving to the cloud has double advantages. Both healthcare providers and patients have been shown to benefit from it. Cloud Computing has proved helpful on the business side to reduce operating costs and to offer high quality, personalised care to providers. Patients who are used to providing instant care are now able to take advantage of the same pace from the health sector. Cloud also enhances patient participation in their own health plans by providing them with access to their own health data and thereby improves patient outcomes. The healthcare sector leads the cloud sector for an industry which has traditionally fallen behind its contemporaries, however, the extensive use of cloud computing in healthcare goes far beyond the simple storage of cloud data.

Healthcare facilities now use this technology to increase efficiency, optimise workflows, and health care costs and personalise healthcare projects in order to maximise results. As the climate regarding the policies around data and cloud in South Africa shifts, it is no surprise that health organisations in South Africa are joining the exponentially growing investment in cloud computing. Centrax Systems has always seen the value of the healthcare industry, offering a range of services and solutions that aid the digital transformation of the sector. With the main objective being streamlining physicians’ workload, optimising technologies and reducing human error in order to ensure the best outcomes for the patients.

Centrax Systems recently had the opportunity of migrating a pharmaceutical organisation to Zoho CRM. The client required Centrax to provide reporting tasks/activities for their sales department, automate their marketing interactions as well as migrate their accounts to Zoho Finance. The project process can be broken down into four phases: requirement gathering, solution development, execution and post implementation.

Phase one is where we conducted the requirement gathering. The client required us to create an array of solutions that could track the attendance of their staff as well as the time they spend on-site, create, edit and manage their consumer and supplier contracts, manage their banking, depict reports on inventory and create a weblink to their holding site. Due to the fact that this was the client’s first migration to the cloud this required our developers to perform a refactoring cloud migration. The most changing method of cloud migration is refactoring. It also requires transferring basic data from scratch and designing cloud-based software on the new platform. The greatest advantage of this cloud migration is that it allows you to access all the functionality of the cloud. The ability to automate CI/CD and other development and deployment functions normally enables cloud-based applications to be created and published more quickly.

Phase two is where the solution development began. The client wanted to reach their consumers across multiple platforms, acquire automated banking in terms of receivables and payables and include business intelligence, reporting and analytics. The solutions Centrax Systems developed in terms of consumer reach and business intelligence and analytics was equipping the client with Zoho Social. By loading all their leads, the client will now be able to not only reach their targeted audience with just a few simple clicks but will also be able to see the analytics behind every campaign and/or post. Centrax also migrated the client to Zoho Finance, specifically Zoho Expense. Here, the client is now able to automate the payment processes including receipts and reimbursements.

Phase three concluded the project from our end as the execution. From here all our innovative solutions went live. The client’s outstanding requirements had seamlessly been met as the sales team could conduct meetings and presentations on Zoho Meetings, acquire real time reports, and access, view and modify their inventory through Zoho Finance. The final phase included the additional requirements we, at Centrax Systems, felt no organisation could live without. Here we added value to our innovative solutions by giving our client integrated Zoho Begin and integrated Zoho Connect with Whatsapp and project.

We crossed the finish line officially in 2021 with an effective move to Zoho CRM along with our customer. Centrax Systems thanks our customers for entrusting us with creative solutions.