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Business Process Management System

Embrace Newgen’s low code process automation platform for your business process management needs

NewgenOne BPM Platform

Automate for outcomes with the most comprehensive business process automation platform. Leverage the power of workflow automation unified with content services, business rules, omnichannel communication, case management, RPA, and AI to deliver efficient, intelligent, and context-aware processes. Go beyond automation to build a continuously improving agile organization at a scale of thousands of processes. With business process management system, modernize work to unleash automated and touchless self-service that makes not only the customer happy, but also employees and partners.

Newgen Software Newgen One

NewgenONE BPM Solution

How Does Newgen Solve Your Business Process Management Needs?

Application Development

Rapid Application Development

With Business Process Management System, rapidly design, develop, and implement powerful enterprise-grade applications for web and mobile with easy point-and-click configurability while leveraging a robust low code platform. Create customizable domain-rich solutions to cater to dynamically evolving business requirements.


Business Process Automation

Automate complex, content-centric, enterprise-wide business processes while centrally managing agile business rules and streamlining processes through integrated robotic process automation. Furthermore, respond to unanticipated scenarios by leveraging the business process automation software’s dynamic case management capabilities.

Agile DevOps

Contextual Engagement & Process Mapping

Newgen’s Business Process Management System can capture, manage, and consume content generated in the context of business processes. Derive context from information residing across various sources and deliver personalized communications to customers across multiple touchpoints.

Data Migration Analysis

Continuous Improvement

Newgen’s Business Process Management System can help continuously optimize business processes to enhance customer experience, improve employee productivity, and reduce operational costs with process analytics, intelligent recommendations, real-time reporting, flowcharts, and monitoring.

Newgen Solutions

Automate thousands of processes enterprise wide and gain formidable competitive edge with rapid innovation.

Business Process Management

Supply Chain

Automate supply chain management for efficient and agile operations. Streamline end-to-end processes and collaborate better with your customers, suppliers, vendors, and partners.
Intelligence Automation

Financial Institutions

Enable connected banking with our financial services-specific solutions, built on NewgenONE low code digital transformation platform.
Data BackUp and Migration


Streamline and centralize your key business functions, including customer onboarding, claims processing, underwriting, and policy administration with our low code-based insurance-specific applications, built on NewgenONE low code digital transformation platform.

Government Organizations

Extend agile citizen services, enhance citizen engagement, optimize workforce collaboration, and roll out government schemes more efficiently using our government-specific applications, built on a robust digital automation platform with low code capability.

Energy and Utilities Sector

Simplify plant and facility management, administrative tasks, and shared services processes, while effectively managing the content lifecycle.


Transform your healthcare payer processes and keep up with the needs and expectations of your members and providers. Streamline and future-proof your key processes, including appeals and grievances, provider contracting, and mobile Medicare enrollment.