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Business Travel Management

A robust web based business travel solution that automates travel planning, requisition, approval & invoicing.

A solution for company travel management

Need more time to invest in tasks that are more important? This solution allows employees to focus on more time-consuming yet critical activities. Business travel management relieves you of the burden of research, decreases tension, and increase your productivity time.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from the solution. This provides a wide range of services, it is responsible for all elements of business travel for the company's employees, including contracting with airlines, hotel chains, and vehicle rental firms, as well as organising additional services.

Infiniti Business Travel Management


See how Centrax meet the needs of your business and industry, creating best customer experience.

Customised Work Flow

Automate and alert your travel or trip approver with not just necessity to travel but also cost associated with it. With our multi level work flow engine travelers and approvers will be able to effectively and efficiently plan and approve travel requests or indents.

Policy Enforcement

The challenge for most travel managements is to enforce adherence to travel policy. Our travel policy engine can be configured to ensure 100% policy compliance. The policy level settings can be configured on band, designation, department, location or title.

Custom Report Engine

Custom reports engine enables your organisation to derive data to measure the effectiveness of your travel program. Analytical reports will help your organisation to quantify losses resulting due to buying habits of employees.

Innovate Today and tranform your Business

Enabling World-class Decisions

Accelerate your journey to a digital enterprise. Centrax’s Digital Transformation practices and partnerships bring world-class talent.

  • Optimise Costs

  • Archive complete visibility

  • Increase business efficiency

  • Manage Risk and Compliance

Our Services

Centrax ensures operational reliability, cloud enablement and enhance customer lifetime value.

Infiniti Business Travel Management

Digital Workforce

Our technology consulting services help you steer your transformation with the latest technology, design thinking and agility, while also energizing your legacy systems.

Infiniti Business Travel Management

Vendor Management

We work across all IT dimensions – from understanding current business processes to identifying gaps and creating strategic imperatives for digital transformation.

Infiniti Business Travel Management

Migration Solution

We re-engineer business strategies for businesses to conform to present and future needs.

Infiniti Business Travel Management

Strategy & Advisory

Re- engineering, business strategies, around the drivers of today and the future of business.

Infiniti Business Travel Management

Digital Transformation

We enable enterprises, to address the need to become fast, innovative, in their response to digital disruption.

Infiniti Business Travel Management

Enterprise Architecture

Pro actively and holistically identify and analyse the execution of change toward desired business vision and outcomes.

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