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Cloud Migration

Cloud solutions and consulting across all major cloud platform providers.

Cloud Migration

Technology methods are changing rapidly, and we all have to resort to modern processes for data storage, security and availability. We all know data migration is an important and risky procedure in which most of the companies usually avoid increasing further complications. Still, data migration is an inevitable procedure that companies cannot avoid for too long. Centrax Systems has the expertise and experience in successful migrations, Get in touch with our specialists to assist you with your cloud journey.

Cloud Migration

Our Approach

See how Centrax Systems services meet the needs of your business and industry, creating best customer experiences.

Systems Analysis

We analyse your current system where a detailed data dictionary, business rules, highlevel source-to-target mapping specifications, and conceptual and logical data models are developed.


Our technical team effectively plan and properly allocate necessary staffing resources to support the data conversion strategies outlined in this plan.

Conversion Approach

Our Technical Team carefully studies a detailed source-to-target data mapping and conversion design specifications are developed, environments including staging area are modelled, and data quality strategy is examined and planned.

Quality Strategy

Results produced by these conversion processes and programs are then tested at several levels to identify problems as well as to ensure accuracy and completeness of the conversion process


This involves evaluating different implementation approaches, defining and planning the conversion cutover process, and establishing the data process that will be used to facilitate implementation.

Migration Support

We then begin the process of identifying, recording, and resolving data issues. This is also the time where data conversion decommissioning activities and data quality monitoring activities begin to take place.

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Accelerate your journey to a digital enterprise. Centrax Digital Transformation practices and partnerships bring world-class talent.

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Our Services

Centrax ensures operational reliability, cloud enablement and enhance customer lifetime value.

Cognitive Computing

Cognitive Computing

Centrax's business consulting assists in developing and deploying strategies for enterprises to be fully digitally transformed.

Data Backup and Recovery

Data BackUp

Backup solutions that deliver Cloud Data Management. Provides a single platform for modernizing backup, accelerating hybrid cloud and securing your data.

Application Development

Application Development

Assure scalable cloud adoption by putting together foundational elements including system and network design, cloud security and migration of white label applications.

Data Migration Solutions

Migration Solution

We re-engineer business strategies for businesses to conform to present and future needs.

Data Modernisation

Data Modernisation

Enabling businesses to adjust to the digital disruption; making businesses become fast and innovative.

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