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Centrax Case Studies

A solution is worth a 1000 words: Migration crafted with Zoho and guided by Centrax Systems

As technology advances, organisations continue to leave behind the archaic hardware IT solutions that ruled the 20th century and ensconce themselves in the 4th industrial revolution and all its promising advances. With the revolution, arrived a cost-efficient, durable growth in software development, specifically cloud solutions, that have increased business process productivity. According to Temok, cloud computing benefits organisations because they can apply a modular approach to business procedures.

Healthcare Optimisation: Streamlining through CRM

Moving to the cloud has double advantages. Both healthcare providers and patients have been shown to benefit from it. Cloud Computing has proved helpful on the business side to reduce operating costs and to offer high quality, personalised care to providers. Patients who are used to providing instant care are now able to take advantage of the same pace from the health sector. Cloud also enhances patient participation in their own health plans by providing them with access to their own health data and thereby improves patient outcomes.