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Tap the power of Generative AI

Redefine how your people work by supercharging productivity and unlocking boundless opportunities with the power of generative AI

Fast is faster and smart is smarter with NewgenONE Marvin

We have given you a powerful combination of process automation, content management, and customer engagement with a generous dose of low code and AI to harness end-to-end automation with speed. Now, imagine the power of generative AI to boost it even further!

Work will never be the same again. Got an idea for a new business application? Ask Marvin to get a real-time process and data model design that actually works. Need to draft a communication for your customers? Need to finetune it? Want to extract insights that make sense? Need to summarize documents or extract deeply buried deductions? You know what to do. Ask Marvin!

Newgen Software Newgen One

GenAI for the Enterprise

Generative AI, or "GenAI," is not just a buzzword; it's an exponential force that's reshaping the enterprise landscape. GenAI is poised to redefine how businesses operate, supercharging productivity and unlocking boundless opportunities. With NewgenONE Marvin, you can now further enhance all aspects of your business – process automation, content management, and customer interactions. It's your ONE indispensable tool to simplify and optimize every facet of your operations. Enable faster product rollouts and meaningful customer interactions by kickstarting your application development journey and gaining intelligent insights from your content.


Features of NewgenONE Marvin

NewgenONE Marvin is a perfect companion for you to extract the most out of our already powerful capabilities across NewgenONE – across process, content, and communication. What is already fast with automation, becomes even faster. And, what is already smart with intelligence, becomes even smarter.

IT Financial Management

Design and build applications superfast

Turbo charge your application development journey and save hundreds of hours of analyst and developer time. Just cue in Marvin and it will create a relevant and complete process model along with the data model in seconds! A perfect jumpstart for your application development, over and above the speed of low code.
Intelligence Automation

Get even more out of content

Revamp your content management with automatic categorization, going beyond storage to intelligent organization. Enjoy precise data retrieval and accelerated processes with an automated metadata population from extensive documents. Ask Marvin anything, from instant document summaries to uncovering critical insights.
Data BackUp and Migration

Get creative and personalize communication faster

Craft personalized messages for every customer with dynamic content creation. Ask Marvin to draft messages, get creative ideas and refine your communication – all in real time. Use Marvin to elevate customer experience with consistent messaging across all touchpoints in their journey. Marvin can even translate your content into multiple languages, so that is another immeasurable effort gone!.

Go visual with intelligent insights

Unlock the latent potential of your data with Marvin’s interactive visualization and charts, making complex information easily digestible. Discover hidden trends and patterns. Marvin can even help streamline resource utilization catalyzing your teams to prioritize data-driven decision-making.