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IT Business and Financial Management

Simplify IT business and financial management and amplifies value.

Financial Management for IT (ITFM)

Technology has changed everything, including the way you do business. That is why it is critical that you manage IT like a business and at the same time making better investment decisions, based on cost reduction and value creation.

The goal of Financial Management for IT Services (ITFM) is to optimize the cost of IT Services while taking into account quality and risk factors. The analysis balances cost against quality and risk to create intelligent, metric-based cost optimization strategies. Balancing is required since cost cutting may not be the best strategy to deliver optimum consumer outputs.

IT Financial Management

Key features

Defining and communicating the Value of IT for your organization can be a challenging undertaking, so let Centrax and it's partner ITBMO help you with insights tailored to your exact needs.



Drive value conversations, shape the business demand, help optimize IT cost, shift focus to innovation, maximize IT run-grow-transform ratio and drive better visibility into IT costs.



Drive IT cost optimization orreduction, instant access to IT costs and budget reports and dashboard to drive quicker decision making process, quickly understand what drives variances and drive awareness of IT costs in greater level of granularity.

Cost Centre Owners

Cost Centre Owners

Drive better cost transparency for P&L managers, understand the top spend vendors, manage costs better and plan more effectively and enable more rich-full budgeting discipline that drives effective budget variance analysis.

Services Application Owners

Service/App Owners

Understand service/app costs end to end, build a service-consumption based cost model, drive accountability and ownership, drive service/app cost optimization opportunities and drive higher efficiency also improve maturity for business planning and IT cost allocation.

Business Units Owners

Business Unit Owners

Help BU owners understand their IT service and application consumption and cost, drive more value focused conversation, influence IT spend based on consumption and demand, provide better visibility to forecast data and drive more business aligned portfolio.

IT Financial Managers

IT Finance Managers

Implement and drive a TBM discipline, build the TBM Office Drive consistency, practice, and accountability, guide service and application owners to build a service-consumption based cost model, drive cost transparency at financial, IT, and business level.

Innovate Today and transform your Business

Enabling World-class Decisions

Accelerate your journey to a digital enterprise. Centrax's Digital Transformation practices and partnerships bring world-class talent.

  • Optimise Costs

  • Achieve complete visibility

  • Increase business efficiency

  • Manage Risk and Compliance

Our Services

Centrax ensures operational reliability, cloud enablement and enhance customer lifetime value.

Strategy Advisory

Strategy & Advisory

Re-engineering, business strategies, around the drivers of today and the future of business.

Digital Strategic Transformation

Digital Transformation

We enable enterprises, to address the need to become fast, innovative, in their response to digital disruption.

Enterprise Industry

Enterprise Architecture

Pro actively and holistically identify and analyse the execution of change toward desired business vision and outcomes.

Digital Workforce

Digital Workforce

Our technology consulting services help you steer your transformation with the latest technology, design thinking and agility, while also energizing your legacy systems.

Vendor Management

Vendor Management

We work across all IT dimensions – from understanding current business processes to identifying gaps and creating strategic imperatives for digital transformation.

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